About Darou Darman Parmida

The first complementary therapy

Infertility gentlemen

Import of the first product of male infertility supplement called Androferti

The second complementary therapy

Skin, hair and nails

Import of the second skin, hair and nail supplement product called Pilfood

The third complementary therapy

Special for nails

Import of the third nail supplement product called Pilfod Nail

The fourth complementary therapy

Iron supplement

Import of the fourth product of iron supplement in two pharmaceutical forms (syrup and capsule) – Prevention and treatment of anemia (Hemofer)

In fact, Darou Darman Parmida is a Subsidiary of a bigger group named Iran pharmis Co. that is known as one of the most trusted names And the largest importers of medical products in the Iranian market. Darou Darman Parmida is focused on the development of Pharmaceutical products such as importation of APIs, finished products, supplement and premix or granules, foreign contract manufacturing and local production.

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